All New 2015 Honda NM4


The Limited Edition 2015 Honda NM4 Has Arrived at Markham Outdoor Power

Welcome to the world of the limited-edition NM4. The near future where fantasy is reality. And imagination with inspired engineering make every moment feel like a cinematic adventure.

With a twist of the throttle, the 670cc fuel-injected engine engages. Reflections from the street lamps on the sculpted front end come faster and faster with each upshift of the Automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission. Integrated saddlebags stow away everything you need to escape and almost anything you discover along the way. Strong Anti-Lock Brakes help you avoid the hazards of a cluttered urban wasteland. Images of everyday life fade away. Your brave new journey has begun.

Key Features

NM4-4 NM4-5 NM4-8